Hello. I’m Erna Mahyuni. You probably read my column. I’m sorry.

Employment: Columnist, subeditor, freelance writer.

Personal:  One dog, two cats. Many imaginary friends.

Bibliography: My work has appeared in Juice, The Star, Free Malaysia Today, The Malaysian Insider, Malay Mail, Stuff.tv (Malaysia, Singapore & UK online editions), IGN Asia, PC.com, Chip Malaysia, Zafigo.

Other: I’ve been a tutor at Open University Malaysia, taught drama to toddlers, given private singing lessons, acted on stage and in film.

What I’m good at/known-for: Writing that is clear, concise and expressive. Also a fondness for shiny tech things and a penchant for snark.

Anything else? Here is my privacy policy page with all the shiny disclaimers.


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