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  1. Vincent

    I saw you article on 2020 Mahathir’s imagination and comments on “development”. May I also add that “development” does not mean the rubber estates to the tall buildings. “Development” must mean “human rights, clean judiciary, transparent elections, good schools, hospitals, security for the populace…and so on” . I think you may be able to discern more from papers written by Amrita Sen, an economist and academic. This is the road to take-not tall buildings-we need a clean efficient, honest government which is inclusive to all-not only UMNO members but all races . That would be development.

    • Ahmed Rizwan Deven

      Very well said Vincent. No doubt your comments was in 2014 but it still project a clear message.

      One more thing is no point building a first class facilities i.e KLIA, KLCC, LRT etc when we are having a third class mentality. The introduction of foreign labours has also shifted the way people live our life nowadays. Foreigners has influenced our culture to the extent that we have stopped building bridges but walls, higher walls. All the housing communities has set up guards and watch dogs. When was the last time we walk freely in the street without looking over our shoulders for any strangers staring at our belongings?

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