A time to feed the body and soul

Nokia’s Sports Tracker is a fun, but slightly freaky thing. As you can see by the photo included, you get a pretty accurate map of the locale where you worked out.

I blurred out the names of the actual roads since I’m not that keen on letting stalkers estimate where I live. But the amount of information on the time worked out, the distance, my pace is rather awesome.

1.8km…not bad at all I suppose. My legs are slightly sore and I learned the hard way my body needs a lot of warming up before I can even consider doing even very slow jogging. Had to stop and stretch quite a bit during the first 10 minutes. Still, it was incredibly satisfying to be working out considering I hated track and field at school.

I love the feel of feet on bare grass and running just for the heck of it. But I never had the stamina for athletics in any form. And I learned, the hard way, that hefting 65kg along needs quite a bit of stamina.

Am following Grete Waitz‘s workout plan – a very gradual walking to running regimen. Three times a week of exercise, with very gradual working up to increased workout times. Waitz is a legend in Norway – she broke the world marathon record nine times during her career and has a yearly women’s race named after her. The first year of the race, she coaxed her 65-year old mother into running it with her and together, they finished it.

I fully recommend her book, On the Run: Exercise and Fitness for Busy People. It’s filled with practical, no-nonsense advice that is so much unlike other books I’ve read. She doesn’t advocate pushing too hard or straining yourself beyond your capabilities. And I got the book for RM8 at the PayLess Books sale.

My diet/exercise regimen started from the 22nd of June and will end on the 14th of July. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop eating healthy and not exercise when it ends. But right here, right now, I’m committing to minimising my fat and sugar intake while exercising for 30 min a day, 3 times a week for those dates.

Then I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical to get in touch with my inner writer and wrap up loose ends in my personal life.

Professionally, I must admit my gift lies in prose. I write horrible academic papers, am not talented at writing news copy and though I love allusions, metaphors and similes, I might do well to find a way to apply my love to imagery outside of work.

So I just need to step away for awhile and decide on a proper direction. No, I’m not leaving The Mag anytime soon. It’s more a self-inventory check to make sure I haven’t veered too much off course from where I should be going. Here’s to seeking the path!

Pretty, pretty Flick-shurs

DestYes, I know I blogged about DestroyFlickr already. But I just have to say that I love viewing my galleries in it. So pretty!

David Lian is a Flickster-fanboy. And yes, I can see the attraction. DestroyFlickr is so pretty, it almost makes me want to get a Flickr Pro account. Almost.

But I’m quite liking Ovi at the moment for its unlimited uploads. And having private channels for media is a plus but unfortunately the widgets need work. I’d love to see more Blogger/Typepad integration for Ovi. And Picasa? Oh, I think it’s a great tool to manage photos on my computer but I’m not feeling the 1GB storage space. Nosirree.

Will likely blog more about the Hong Kong trip soon. I still haven’t finished the Dim Sum chronicles due to work commitments and late-night emoing.

Was throwing out a ton of junk (again) Saturday night and right at the bottom of a box was a picture. I remember you showing me the pictures from an interview you did, and for some reason the photographer took a picture of you instead.

And there’s your face staring at me from the bottom of a box. And I don’t understand why I can’t bring myself to cry. Don’t I feel as much anymore? But I’m giving you the picture back because clinging to it means clinging to the past and I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Pictures. They say, and stir, a thousand words.

Flickr is sexy now

DflickrI admit to taking a long time to warm up to Flickr. It just never appealed to me much, especially with the problems it used to face when bogged down by too many users.

Then I found the DestroyFlickr Adobe Air app on DestroyToday.com. ‘Destroy’ here meaning ‘deconstruct’ as opposed to ‘obliterate’.

DestroyFlickr is a beautiful piece of work, that adds a fluidity missing from the original Flickr. Yes, the Flickr Upload app works just as well, but it’s not this sexy!

Highly recommended, and I’m hoping for the day twhirl is available for my Nokia N82.

Not-quite mobile warrior

(fyi, am testing mobile Typepad app)The best laid plans often go awry. My online comparison is hampered by the suckiness of my home and work Net. Moving somewhere where broadband isn’t barely faster than dialup certainly appeals. My eee PC is also having WEP issues. Have tried to come up with scheme to help poor with tech but sad state of broadband and corruption are obstacles. Need more faith.

Obsessive Application-itis

So I have a new Symbian phone.

Cue obsessively buying accessories/Googling applications for my N82. I suppose my sold-off Nikon D40 was the equivalent of a neglected stepchild in comparison – all I got for it was a Lowepro Nova 1 AW bag. Even the unnamed N95 got an SU-8W keyboard, 3 different cases and a new screen protector. My iPod has 3 cases, a screen protector and much silly cooing over it.

So what did I install on the N82?

An Angelina Jolie wallpaper (stop groaning, Suan)

Opera Mini
Internet Radio Player
Share Online 3.0
Nokia Maps 2.0

And to properly establish my geek cred (or prove that I’m a dork)…

my ringtone is the Tavern theme from World of Warcraft.

Back to Black

There’s something about black gadgets that makes it hard for me to ignore them.

I got suckered into buying the 8GB version of the iPod Nano, instead of my originally intended 4GB. Because only the 8GB one came in black.

Then I spotted the Asus EeePC 701 at the PC Fair. Oh yes, it came in black too. And now, behold, the trilogy is complete because I now have a black N82.

N82If the phone were alive, I’d imagine it’d be singing a ditty like this:
"I’m too sexy for my owner, too sexy for my owner, too sexy for my, for my colour-challenged owner!"

Since I named my laptop George, my iPod Pedro, then what should I call my phone? I considered calling it Damien (devil’s son, har har) but I know two Damiens. So instead I’m christening it…Damon. Yes, lame, I know.

So what’s so sexy about Damon? Specs-wise, he crams most of what an N95 can do into a leaner, meaner package. Now that does come with a few tradeoffs like a much smaller screen. Otherwise, it’s got one heck of camera – 5.0 megapixels with a superb Xenon flash. If it had optical zoom, this phone would probably give you a great reason to just chuck all your point-and-shoot cameras! Picture quality falls just short of amazing and it does decent quality video (30fps) as well.

Other goodies – GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi…and 100MB of internal memory. Now that last bit might sound like a downer but it supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC so you could just slot in one of those high-capacity cards. Incidentally, the black N82 I got came with the free Snakes game as well as Nokia’s Sport Tracker.

My own personal Black Trinity of devices. I won’t be surprised to suddenly hear voices in the night…who will likely be telemarketers selling me insurance. Who needs denizens from hell when you can hire coldcallers instead?

In Ur Tech News, Stealin’ Ur Thunder

Iphone3gWell, WWDC and the Jobs keynote happened. There are now REAL pictures of the iPhone 3G. And no, I still don’t want one.

Just before I went to bed at night, I was thinking about how inaccessible the iPhone is to blind people. For me a phone with no tactile response just isn’t going to be enough. Yes, it is gorgeous. Yes, the apps are awesome (I love the piano app). But the camera still sucks. It’s still too big. And texting? Don’t get me started.

It is serendipitous that just after I switch back to TypePad, a TypePad app for the iPhone is announced at the WWDC. SixApart now has apps for all major mobile phone operating systems…except for Linux. But my money’s on an Android version coming soon. Or the Android users might just end up going the easier route:
m.typepad.com, anyone?

Yes, a few local users are disgruntled Malaysia doesn’t have it officially available. Well, that’s something you need to bring up with your telcos. Likely due to the large amount of ‘liberated’ units awash in the market, Apple is understandably leery to offer the phone here for standalone retail. Apple fanboys who want the official iPhone will just have to wait for Celcom, Maxis or DiGi to bring it in. Rumours are Maxis are ‘in talks’ but I’ll believe it when it happens.

And my Nokia N95 is going to be swapped out soon. News on that later. Work to catch up on before a lunch meeting.