On being called ‘white/capitalist/a Malay hater’

Sometimes I hate the Internet. I’m not special enough for people to throw money and free stuff at me but am special enough for people to hate me enough to plaster my name all over the Internet.

Like, yo, I’m not really sure how to react to being dismissed as someone who is too “white western liberal capitalist” to bother with.

Or being accused of being a racist Malay-hater.

Look, y’all. I never said there was no hope for the Malay race. I said there was no hope for it SO LONG AS Y’ALL KEEP ELECTING SHITTY LEADERS. Have you never asked yourself why Malay politicians are so rich while too many Malays are still poor (Hello Felda)? And yet, some assholes keep going around blaming the Chinese for the Malays being poor.

Rich Malays claiming there are poor Malays because = Chinese.

That shit ain’t cool.

Back to the whole “Erna is a capitalist thing”.

So not owning a car because I advocate for public transport, and not owning a house or other big-ticket material trappings, being vehemently anti-libertarianism and believing that the free market is flawed, and that a market without any form of regulation is dangerous…makes me a capitalist?

I must be really confused about capitalism, then.

I admit, I  do not feel very attached to my race’s customs or traditions because, you see, both my parents were different races and were not overly preoccupied with racial identity.

Then why do I ‘get mad’ (apparently) when people mistake me for a Malay?

Because being mistaken for a Malay in Malaysia carries with it a ton of baggage.

Perhaps it is the communal mindset, perhaps it’s just the way it is but being a ‘Malay’ means having to constantly put up with criticism from even total strangers for not being ‘Islamic enough’ or not ‘Malay enough’.

This is something I can’t get used to in West Malaysia, and despite how much I try, I can’t get over it.

I will be honest and say being mistaken for a Malay, has been a detriment 3 times out of 4. It’s cramped my style, yo, because I don’t exactly lead the kind of lifestyle condoned by the Great Guardians of Malay Propriety.

And to be honest, I feel really sorry for Malays who have to put up with so much shit from total strangers (of their own race) who feel it is their ‘responsibility’ to tell them how they should dress, behave or pray.

The guy I used to spend most of my time with (platonically) was Chinese and man, did we get a lot of shit hanging out together because I was perceived as ‘Malay’. But that was then, and things are a little less stupid now.

Is it truly ‘Western’ or ‘white’ of me to believe in human rights, to believe that while culture, tradition and identity matter, they must never come before human rights?

Gee, shucks, then I’m a right redneck then.

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