Stupidity will kill you quicker than the doctors will

Facebook can reveal a lot about your friends.

Like the fact many of them are ardent believers in quackery.

Here’s a tip: when someone puts up a link from a site like, you know that person is someone you could possibly sell impossible cures or conspiracy theories to.

Case in point was when a friend mentioned someone having cancer. Then all the quack-believers came out, advocating for natural cures.

None of the natural cure champions had actually had cancer or known someone personally who had recovered merely from natural cures.

We do however have one famous case of a guy who tried to cure cancer with natural means, putting off potentially life-saving surgery. His name is Steve Jobs.

Who also happens to be dead now, just FYI.

The quacks of course insist it was the surgery that killed him when it is likely that if he hadn’t put off the surgery, he might have stuck around a little longer to keep wearing his trademark turtlenecks.

Incompetent and profit-crazy doctors do exist, yes. But the majority of them took the Hippocratic Oath with the genuine desire to save lives.

Take it from me, if you want solutions for your health talk to actual professionals. Don’t listen to that well-meaning friend who will try to convince you to switch to a raw food diet or take some miracle supplement.

Go to your friends for support and comfort through health trials. Just don’t go to them for health advice.


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