When it all falls down

I’m juggling a lot these days and it’s been challenging. Some days I’m a mess and today was one time where I just felt like I was going insane.

It wasn’t like I had too much to do, but more like I was overloaded with things I felt I should be doing. I couldn’t let go; couldn’t just detach and relax.

Too many variables, too many things and projects and ideas all mashing about in my head.

I guess it was a sign I just needed to detox and relax. Simplify things and try to do more with less. Not overcomplicate things, overthink things, work myself up over things that weren’t worth working myself up over.

Spent some time on 750 words, just doing some stream of consciousness writing. Decided to ration my time on Facebook and Twitter because they distract me far too much. Am experiencing sensor overload and the kind of paralysis that comes from too many options, too many possible distractions or activities.

I needed to quiet my brain and just find a measure of silence in my head. Chilling is harder than it used to be and the Internet is one big ball of Read This Look At This Think About This O Look. Rereading Zen Habits and taking some time to read stuff in my Kobo library (so many books so little time ZOMG).

Running on a hamster wheel doesn’t get me anywhere but taking just one, slow, sure, step at a time just might.



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