Damn you, Bioware

When my boyfriend blew through my copies of Mass Effect, I was curious about what he found compelling about the series. I owned both ME1 and ME2 for the PC but had given up on the games after finding the FPS elements unnerving.

As ME3 rolled around, I decided to give Mass Effect a chance and found myself sucked into a sci-fi world I hadn’t imagined I’d love.

What drew me in the most was the writing. With each iteration, Mass Effect’s writing got stronger, the characterisation deeper, the human element more compelling.

The following video clip (WARNING SPOILERS) is of a scene that had me crying my eyes out for a whole half-hour. I have never felt this much emotional investment in a game and now that I’ve finished playing ME3, I miss it so much I’d be playing it again right this instant…if it wasn’t for the colossal letdown of the final 10 minutes of the game.

But honestly this one scene, made all three games of the series worth it. Now I hope Bioware fixes the damn ending even if it requires me throwing more money at them for a do-over.

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