The problem with allowing comments

…is that it breeds the anonymous trolls.

The Job’s comments policy is very clear, IMHO:

Please refrain from comments of a racist, sexist, personal, vulgar or derogatory nature and note that comments can be edited, rewritten for clarity or to avoid questionable issues. We also reserve the right to delete off-topic comments.

Not brain science, right?

Tell that to the many readers who think it is OK to go against the comment policy. Let’s not get started on the likes who write like this:

“PARTI XXXX ARE #&#&#&#&# AND @*#*#*#*# EH BLOODY POLITICIAN A YOU ARE A %*$*$*$*#(( ”

Moderating comments is soul-destroying.

Bad language.

Bad grammar.

Bad taste. In humour.

And pretty much every single commenter considers it his/her “right” to be published on the site. Am mystified. And also thinking I need to stock up on a lot of mindnumbing substances.

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