The body awareness

I’d always taken for granted the (limited) things I’m able to do with my body.

But now I’m meeting people who find it hard to do things like isolate their core muscles or sit in a manner that will not hurt their lower back.

Little wonder so many people have back pain – they don’t understand where the pain comes from and keep aggravating it by sitting too long or improper lifting.

Making it a point now to move every 20-30 minutes at work. Stretch, stand up, breathe. Part of it is helped by the iPad actually – it sucks at multi-tasking, forcing me to do one thing at a time. None of the multiple window distractions of my laptop.

I find myself really bone-achingly tired at the end of a day, which is good really. Though my inner thigh muscles and my calves are screaming bloody murder. Have decided that weighing myself will be a weekly affair and not a daily one – it will just depress me to obsesses about scales. Fitness is a long-term goal, not a short one.

Cheated a little by having McDonalds for supper yesterday. Was just really hungry but far too tired to cook. But the weekend’s coming up fast enough, if I let it and then I can cheat all I want.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Bun

Snack: One kuih cincin

Lunch: Rolled oats with fish floss

Dinner: Risotto (shared plate with BFF) and 3 chicken wings

Exercise: 24 minutes of interval training (run/walk alternates)

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