The losing battle with the bulge

My weight is threatening to return to my “chubby” level of 65kg. Sigh. I’d worked hard and reached 57kg in December but now all the weight is back, not helped by my laziness and all the food I get at press conferences. Damn you, delicious deserts!

The only thing that has really helped take the pounds of is, unfortunately, stuff I hate: vigorous exercise. 3 days a week of running as well as portion control gets me dropping a decent 1kg a week. There are no magic bullets but sadly have been too caught up with work and personal life drama to really look after my waistline.

Things must change so I’m forcing myself to blog my progress every day until the end of 2011. Wish me luck.

Health Plan progress:

Breakfast: Nasi Lemak
Pre-lunch: More nasi lemak
Lunch: Sushi take, cawan mushi, sunagimo, onagiri
Tea: Ice cream
Dinner: Nothing, thank the gods.
Exercise: On The Run exercise plan, Day 1

Feeling: Tired, but determined.

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