Joining the iPad converted

I resisted the call of the first iPad but finally succumbed to the lure of the iPad 2.

Rumours have it the iPad 3 will be announced next month so some will tell me I should have waited. And wait another year for it to come to Malaysia? No thanks.

You still can’t just walk into a store and buy an iPad 2 these days. The easiest option would have been to order it online and wait the 2 weeks or so for it to arrive. But Malaysian customs has been known to delay shipments and waiting around for the DHL dude to arrive? Not my thing.

Instead I resorted to buying one online from the forum. Slightly more expensive than retail but I had my iPad delivered to me in person.

The main reason I needed one was because I was traveling to KK for a week and didn’t want to bring my laptop along. Also have been toying with idea of getting one for work as I already have a Bluetooth keyboard I can use with it and since I don’t drive, it is a bit of a pain to lug my laptop everywhere.

Though some advised me to get a netbook instead, the iPad made the better investment due to its higher resell value. Even first-gen iPads still fetch decent sums on the Internet so should I decide to sell the iPad I won’t have lost too much money.

I ended up buying an extra-long charging cable as well as the standard screen protector & case combo. When you buy pricey electronics it makes sense to invest in protection for said electronics, no?

So far I find writing on it not as much a hassle as I’ve been led to believe. I doubt I’ll be writing whole novels on one as my MacBook Pro is far more suited to the task but for blogging and filing stories, the iPad is perfectly competent but with a few tweaks of course.

Have also subscribed to Wired and Esquire magazine as they’re so much more affordable in digital versions. Have fallen in love with Flipboard and the way it displays my Facebook feeds in a magazine-like format.

The iPad for some people is more expensive toy than anything else but I hope it proves a useful work and travel companion. Here’s to a more mobile me (spot the Apple reference).

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