Getting physical

Being ill for 2 weeks taught me something – immobility is not fun.

The good bit is I lost weight – my target was to get to 52kg by my birthday (Feb 22) and I had been making slow steady progress – 1 kg or so a month.

So now I have just 4 kg and 3 months to go. My sedentary heart rate is now an uninspiring 90 beats per minute when it used to be a decent 70 or so. Not good.

To figure out your maximum heart rate during exercise, the formula is simple:

205-half your (age in years) = 205 – 16 = 189 for me.

The healthy heart zone = 60-70 percent of MHR (builds heart strength)

Aerobic: 70-80 percent (endurance-building/good for respiratory system)

Anaerobic: 80-90 percent (enhance athletic performance)

Basically I need to work out 3-5 times a week at aerobic level to improve my stamina. 132-151 bpm approximately.

For my first week, will take it slow and push for 20-25 minutes a day, Monday to Friday. Since I’ve been sedentary so long, it won’t be a good idea to push myself too hard starting out. Likely will play it safe and run around the nearby basketball court three times a week and interperse that with yoga/Pilates at home.

Wish me luck!

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