Join PKR!

Am more than a bit peeved with PKR’s antics lately. The infighting, the media slamming and its lack of direction…seriously you think you deserve Putrajaya?

So here’s my ‘love letter’ to PKR in the form of a song. Feel free to suggest your own verses and it’s in the tune of YMCA.

Join PKR! (to the tune of YMCA)

Young man! Are you bored with your life?
Aiseh, young man? Can you handle some strife?
Want excitement? And some money for real
Well now, I’ve got you a great deal

Umno is not the place to be
There’s no youth there (well, except for Khairy)
They’re all fogeys who are so out of touch
Dinosaurs who just talk too much…so why don’t you all just…

Join PKR!
Who needs skills when you can join PKR
We’ve sold all our ideals
Just so we can enjoy
All the perks like the Umno boys

He’s our personal hero
Even though he’s a personal zero
But his wife’s hot
And his daughter is too
So at least we can cuci mata

Let PAS and DAP do the work
We’re the boss, they’re just the glorified clerk
Let them try and argue policy
While we sit and count the money….

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