Monday Music: Maroon 5’s Hands All Over

I’ve been a Maroon 5 fan since their first album Songs about Jane. The Motown-reminiscent feel was what got me though Adam Levine’s slightly nasal vocal stylings could be annoying.

But am a sucker for blue-eyed soul and Levine’s voice started to grow on me. Their next album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long was in some ways more interesting though not easy to listen to at a go.

Hands All Over, the third album, is rather, well, lifeless in comparison. It’s all safe, crafted pop without bite though am hooked to the pretty, breezy breakup song that is Just A Feeling.

The first two singles, Misery and Give A Little More are just too familiar, carbon copies of past songs. Dull, dull, dull. A lot of the songs could easily have been performed by anyone really with little originality stamped onto the songs. It doesn’t feel so much like a Maroon 5 album as much as an A&R put-together piece.

And the collaboration Out of Goodbyes with Lady Antebellum? Listenable but trying too hard to go crossover. Never Gonna Leave This Bed is interesting, the title track banal and everything else mostly filler.

At this rate, the next album will just be a Greatest Hits and they’ll fade into pop oblivion. An album that is just too easy to skip and forget.

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