BootCamp, baby! – gaming on the Mac

During my long, unplanned break of sorts I am spending a lot of time gaming.

Ironic, since the primary reason I avoided getting a Mac at first was it curtailing my gaming experience.

Thankfully I have BootCamp to help me get my gaming fix on though it came at the hefty price of needing a hard disk upgrade.

You see, to get BootCamp properly working you have to download a ton of drivers that take up a lot of disk space. Very annoying, I can tell you. So I now have two 250GB partitions on my new hard disk and both are already half-full.

So far my 13.3 inch MacBook Pro is handling games like Dragon Age, Team Fortress 2 smoothly. But my touchpad isn’t up to par when I try playing Company of Heroes. A friend who tried playing COH on the computer says the small monitor rather hampers his gaming experience.

Makes me wonder if I should get a monitor to optimise my gaming experience. Have even resorted to checking monitors online and doing stuff like Googling ‘samsung 2333hd review‘.

But I like gaming sans monitor. There’s nothing quite like gaming in bed, snuggled within the cocoon of blankets and pillows.

With Dragon Age 2 coming up, will likely have to upgrade my RAM and cross fingers the GPU can support the game. With the amount of gaming and games I have right now (Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Plain Sight, Dragon Age, Borderlands, Company of Heroes, The Sims, Lord of the Rings Online) will likely need a new hard disk soon too.

Until DA 2 comes out, will skip buying anymore games and hope I don’t run out of hard disk space.

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