Destiny is being true to yourself

“Choose life,” George Monbiot says in his essay to aspiring journalists/career seekers. (

Yet too many people choose to do the opposite – doing what they don’t want to do and being who they don’t want to be.

“To thine own self be true” is not a statement of necessity, it is sheer common sense.

I’m not advocating twiddling thumbs and sitting around until your ‘dream job’ falls out of the sky. If all you have are dreams but have neither skills nor talent to back it up, you are simply being delusional.

Stop trying to be someone else. You are you for a reason and it is up to you to find out what you do best and get good at it.

Even your weaknesses can become your strengths, if you know how to turn them to your best advantage.

My gift/curse is the intensity of my emotions. At their worst, they cripple me, locking me in that self-contained hell that is the prison of clinical depression. Or I lash out with a fury so intense, it won me the dubious title of Dragon Queen. And I often regret the aftermath of unsalvageable burnt bridges and innocents singed by my temper.

Yet it is that same intensity that gives life to my otherwise unremarkable writing. I am no master of metaphor, no connoisseiur of prose. But when I am ‘on fire’, my words are saturated with earnest feeling. I write with my heart and not my mind, the latter only serving to add much needed coherence to my passionate rambling.

If you ever reach an impasse where you are unsure what to do, then my only advice is to be who you are. Follow your star.

You will always be a mediocre version of someone else.

Why settle for that when you can be the best version of you?

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