A song for you, sayang

Of all the lyrics I’ve ever written, these have to be the most personal. I wrote them for the theme song of A Light in KL City.

The talented and genuinely nice Mia Palencia contributed songs to the play and it was my task to modify what songs could be used by writing new lyrics. I ended up repurposing her song Sayang from her first album.

While the original was a sweet reassuring and somewhat upbeat song, I had it rearranged into a sadder, melancholic lullaby of sorts. The lyrics came to me in a rush while I was having lunch at Old Town White Coffee. I wrote them on an iPod Touch, my indispensable companion during the whole music directing process.

Tina - ALIKCAt the time, I was suffering the pain of a mad, unrequited love. 2009 was a year of disappointments – three back-to-back romantic entanglements that didn’t work out. Three job changes that weren’t panning out as well.

My heart and my pride were both crushed. From the debris, I wrote this song. About goodbyes. About regrets. About finding it hard to cope with that one constant in life – change.

The object of my affections right then is now one of my dearest friends; at least one thing worked out for the best.

This song was for him but it is also for you. For anyone who’s known heartache, loss, unlooked-for goodbyes, loneliness.

Have also attached the instrumental version along with the lyrics for anyone who feels like covering it. Put your covers on YouTube even!

Rosa’s Theme.mp3
Rosa’s Theme (Instrumental).mp3

Rosa’s Theme (Sayang)

Don’t say goodbye, sayang
Don’t turn away
Why must things change, sayang?
Why can’t we stay?

Trying so hard
In this darkness, we’re looking for light
Now all we have is this moment
Only tonight

Only tonight
Only tonight
When all is made clear
All is made right

Life gets so hard, sayang
You just try to hold on
And we lose our way, sayang
All we love soon is gone

For it all slips away
All gone too fast
All our hopes
All our dreams
Gone now at last

Now our goodbyes
Now it’s goodbye
No time for tears
No room for lies
When all is made clear
All things made right

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