Loving those laptop bags

Crumpler skivvy

One expensive purchase I’ve never regretted is my Crumpler Skivvy messenger bag.

It’s light, made of durable material and like all the Crumplers I’ve owned over the past four years I know it’ll last me years.

Why pay a premium for laptop bags in the first place? Well, laptops aren’t cheap for starters. If you’re going to be carrying them around then you should make the effort to protect your investment.

I confess I’ve tried lugging laptops around in ordinary handbags but they’re just not up to the task. You usually need:

1. Good straps. The last thing you want is a strap to either give way or cause you a lot of pain when you carry it around.

2. Durable stitching. Most ‘ordinary’ backpacks often start fraying at the edges, particularly where the straps are sewn to the back.

3. Some amount of padding. Of course the best would be a laptop with a sleeve that keeps the laptop snug and secure in the bag and good all-round padding to absorb impact if you, heaven forbid, drop it.

Though I love Crumplers, I’ve seen some nice backpacks from other brands like this Speck Aftpack. Speck makes some mighty fine bags and cases for everything from iPods to MacBooks. Haven’t seen any of their bags locally but you can check out some of their classy designs here.

What do you carry your ‘precious’ around in? Do share.

Disclaimer: No, neither Crumpler nor Speck are paying for this post. Though I sure wouldn’t mind them throwing a few bags my way in my current state of self-employedness.

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