Still Getting There with GTD

Ladies and gentlemen,

wpid-gtd-2010-05-30-23-30.jpgSo there has been some progress GTD-wise. I have accomplished the following:

1. Setting up a Space

I spent the better part of two hours cleaning up folders, files and tidying up my stationery and workplace corner. It was also educational as I found out I spend a fortune on books, seeing as book receipts fell out of practically every one of my folders.


Impoverishing myself the bookaholic way

2. Processing my stuff

Starting with my workspace, I’ve ferreted out the junk, years-old bills and messy receipts into the proper filing cabinets or the correct collection buckets.

Now there’s one thing left to do – the Weekly Review and actually getting started with OmniFocus, the King of GTD apps on the Mac.

However am still procrastinating my head off, not to mention distracting myself by trying out the Ecto blog editor as well as Firefox fork, Flock.

Again, wish me luck!

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