GTD – Attempting to stay on the bandwagon

So here we are at Erna’s Attempt No. 11101# at getting started with GTD.

Never heard of GTD?It’s the acronym for Getting Things Done, a system that will supposedly change your life or at least prevent you from forgetting to pick your daughter up from school.
(If you think the latter isn’t possible, ask my dad. He’s managed to do that so many times we kids gave up and just walked the 20 minutes home).

I’ve tried reading Getting Things Done and Making It All Work, both books written by GTD’s founder David Allen.
Let’s just say I feel I’d have better luck reading the Bible from cover to cover.

I keep tuning out and writing copious notes. Of course I end up not reading said notes because my carpal tunnel has reduced my handwriting into tapeworm squiggles.

So why am I again attempting the system? Because I think it has potential. Also, because I think I’m falling apart at the seams. There are so many things I want to do and at the same time, I’m still figuring out things I should be doing.

There is a big clutter pile in my head and it’s threatening to suffocate me in my indecisiveness.
People ask me how I get things done – keep a day job, perform, create, write.
I think I should be honest and say that I would probably get more done or do less better if I was better organised.

Even at work, I get by with luck, a fingernail’s worth of talent (thanks, God) and occasionally being cute.
But in another 8 years, I don’t think I can get away with being cute.

It’s high-time then to buckle down and finally tackle my biggest problem: focus.
Being an INFJ (I believe in MBTI typing. Sue me), I like systems.

I like order and routine, scheduling and predictability. I need my boxes, set plans and a ‘safe space’ within myself. Without that feeling of safety and groundedness, I’m unable to be flexible or take risks.

Sounds like an oxymoron but let’s try using a plane analogy: without the proper conditions, a plane can’t take off. If the plane can’t take off, it won’t be able to perform basic manoeuvrings, much less trickier, fancy ones.
So today I’m rereading Getting Things Done and then I’m going to try and figure out how to use the Mac program OmniFocus, which I’ve had for months.
Wish me luck!

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