Ghosts can’t hurt you

Like a bogeyman, May 13 is oft invoked.

Malaysians are seen as little children who need to be scared into behaving.

Beware, beware May 13, some quarters chant.
What they don’t realise is that the ‘children’ are growing up.
Once, we were discouraged from talking about it. Now, Perkasa won’t shut up about May 13.

Let it rest. Yes, it was a dark moment in our history. But it is time we move on and start paying attention to the living, breathing problems: our low-income economy, falling education standards, lack of competitiveness globally and the problem of poverty.

It’s been 41 years and so much has changed. Yet some things still remain the same. The Indians remain a marginalised community struggling with problems such as crime, poverty, lack of access to quality education. They got a bum deal before Independence, they’re still getting a bum deal after.

The divide between the rich and poor still exists but you see it everywhere now and it is colour-blind. Yes, there are more poor Malays than there are poor Chinese but there are far more Malays in the first place. MCA is so desperate to get the Chinese breeding the political party now finds itself matchmaking and exhorting its brethren to have babies.

Back to May 13. As a nation we are young. We are still struggling to deal with the complexities that comes with being who we are – our diversity is our strength but it is also our challenge.
When it comes down to it, a lot of problems we have now are due to problems with policy.

The NEP was created to level the playing ground. Has it? Yes, we now see plenty of Malay and Bumi fat cats. Only a select few benefitted from the government attempting to prime the pump. They get richer, their brethren get poorer. Malaysia Boleh.

I don’t give a damn about my MP drinking himself under the table. I just want him to wake up the next morning, sober enough to defend my rights in Parliament. I am not interested in my MP’s midlife crisis and sudden desire to take Wife Number 202. I just expect him to spend as much, if not more, time in Parliament than playing referee between his wives.

If you want to bury May 13 forever, then stop dissecting it. Analysing it. Waving it around like a flag.

Acknowledge it. Remember it. For mistakes that are forgotten will oft be repeated.
Perhaps Perkasa’s obsession with May 13 is a reflection of the Malay fixation on ghosts, hantu, jin, toyol, jadi-jadian.
What do you think fuels sales of the crap tabloid of lurid ghost stories, Mastika?

This ridiculous obsession with things that cannot hurt you. “Engkau takut Tuhan ke, takut hantu?”
So politicans, why try scare us with ghosts? They can’t hurt us. But you can. You have. You will.

You are the real bogeyman every time you attempt to stuff your racially-charged agendas down our throats.
If you are more scared of ghosts than you are for our economic future, then you have no business leading us.
If you try to scare us with bogeymen instead of doing your job, you don’t give Malaysians enough credit.
Though you wish they would stop voting in so many ‘hantu’ into Parliament. Ah, my country.

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