Captaining a ship, ahoy!

It’s my third day being editorial head for a brandspanking new site.
I am expected to chart a course, editorial-wise and of course, that sounds exciting.
Now, the problem is that I’m somewhat fuzzy about the whole, you know, starting.
First the euphoria: OMG shiny new project, huzzah!
Second: Ooh, wow, I have my own team, double huzzah!
Third: Reality starts sinking in after Meeting Number Eleventy Hundred. Reality dictates that I actually have to be starting something.
There is, first of all, the understanding that we’re supposed to meet a target. XXX unique visitors per day.
Now, to achieve said aim, you have to give people incentives to come, right? Right. Idealist I might be, but I don’t know if I can get people to come on the basis of content alone. Insert notions of shiny, dangly things.
“But this is a community site! Shouldn’t people be getting all hot and bothered and wanting to highlight their issues and grievances?”
The more realistic side of me realises that getting Malaysians off their arses to, you know, do more than yak about their issues at the mamak or coffee shop will take work. I am this close, really, to just Twitter/FB/Linked-In/MySpace spam everyone with ‘EMAIL ME! EMAIL ME!’
Obviously that is not a wise recourse.
So I will have to resort to that time honoured practise: picking other people’s brains. Mine is currently fuzzy and full of pictures of kittens. Loyal minions are off to investigate community grievances so I will, alas, have to wait until they come back. And in the meantime, spam everyone with EMAIL ME!

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