Joy in your happiness


Some occasions are more than mere celebrations. Which was precisely why I chose to make a trip all the way to Penang just to attend Peter and Wuan’s wedding dinner.

Anyone into the local blogging scene will recognise Peter as a prolific blogger passionate about the rights of those with special needs. Being bound to a wheelchair hasn’t stopped him from being vocal about the rights of the disabled, even if he occasionally rubs people the wrong way.

I have always admired his tenacity and dedication. Beyond that, he is also gracious, kind and really rather funny in person.

Wuan, you could say, is his rock. She has faithfully stood by him through the years and behind her demure facade, she is probably one of the strongest women I know. Where Peter can be emotional, she is calm and steady. Her gentleness and giving nature are things to admire. She is also quite the photographer, something Peter’s justifiably proud of.

I despise romance novels but Peter and Wuan’s love story is one for the ages. Because it is real. It’s true. When I see them so happy together, I feel happy too.

It’s easy to give up on love in this time and age. You see women marrying for money, men collecting trophy wives and trading up once the woman’s youth and beauty fades. Society and its twisted notion of beauty, celebrating the skeletal, the shallow, the vapid and the vain. I get so sad listening to people tell me they’re lonely when they’re really just waiting for someone who matches all the requirements on their lists. They would rather be in love with a fantasy ‘perfect’ person than ‘settle’ for a real, flawed human being capable of love.

Speaking as someone who’s been broken many times by the relationship game, I say it’s a wonderful thing to see someone get it right.

To Peter and Wuan, may you be blessed and happy in your life together. May God watch over you, guide you and comfort you through the challenges life may bring.

Most of all, I wish you love. All the days of your lives.

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