Things lost, hope found

PosterWebEMP’s second production is another series of short plays in the vein of its last show, Stage Therapy. I loved Stage Therapy for its humour, the quality of its scripts, the energy of its actors and the satisfaction I felt after it ended.
How does The Things We Have Lost fare? Though slightly uneven in parts, I still think it’s worth a watch. Acting-wise, the ensemble was a good one though I would have to say that Elza Irdalynna, especially, stood out.
In a role much too easy to overplay to the point of melodrama,  Elza tackled the character of a crazed, wrought and desperate lover deftly. In the hands of a less able performer, it would be easy to typecast the character as the typical ‘psycho ex-girlfriend’. She brought honesty, believability and vulnerability to a role that is much too easy to play badly. Elza also has something that’s a rarity in today’s local theatre scene: near faultless diction.
New actor Justin seemed to have a case of the stage nerves, often letting his voice drop to a whisper. Project, young man, project! Sham Sunder, as usual, chewed through his scenes deftly though I wished his roles had a bit more meat to them.
Some of the skits seemed to drag on a bit, leaving you with the feeling they should have ended sooner. But overall, the hour spent watching The Things You Have Lost was a good one. There’s a rawness to the material that is endearing, minus the pretensions most people associate with cinema.
I remember Alex Chua, the director of EMP’s Stage Therapy, saying that when writing you had to find that elusive ‘something true’. The Things You Have Lost tells not one, but many, truths. Truths that hurt you, disturb you or creep up on you unawares. So make a point to catch the show and see if you don’t find your own truth in this worthy EMP endeavor.
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Want more background on the play? Read Electric Minds, Engaging Theatre.

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