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Despite being surrounded by thespians, I usually need to be coaxed to see shows. Not this time. Electric Minds Project, a theatre company setup by dear friends of mine, is putting on a second show after the mad brilliance of their maiden production Stage Therapy. It’s another series of short plays but with darker themes.
“A woman with a gun tries to fix her relationship. Three children contemplate selling a house, and their memories of it, one after the other. A mother grieves for her child in an unusually cruel fashion. Friends sift through the ashes of their previous lives. Two lovers contemplate eternity, the view from their rooftop, and moving to Mongolia. The Electric Minds Project is proud to present The Things We Have Lost, a collection of original Malaysian short plays about grief, despair, abandonment, and hope. It stars Elza Irdalynna, Natalya Molok, Nicole Fuchs, Sham Sunder Binwani, Mikey Tai and Justin Wong.”
FlierWebOne hell of a synopsis, eh?
Come for the actors. They’re amazing.
Come for the writing. It’s varied, nuanced and fun.
Come for the venue. PJ Live Arts has a great location – Jaya One.
Come for the ticket price. RM20 for Pete’s sake.
Come for good theatre. You won’t regret it.
08:30PM – 12 Aug 2009, 08:30PM – 13 Aug 2009, 08:30PM – 14 Aug 2009, 08:30PM – 15 Aug 2009, 03:00PM – 15 Aug 2009, 03:00PM – 16 Aug 2009 |
For bookings, call Elza at 017-2232578 or Marvin at 012-3061229

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