I think I’m seeing a pattern

Twice this year I’ve encountered people as guarded as maximum security prisons.
I’m sensitive to walls and my first reaction is to then find out why they’re there in the first place.
What I have yet to be good at is discerning when storming the castle is a good idea.
Is it worth the time caring about someone who makes it damnably hard? Who puts up a thousand and one defences, makes one hundred and one excuses. Who, everytime you gain an inch, steps back and grabs a mile.
I got the same answer from both ‘castles’:
“I am what I am.”
Some people are emotional cripples. Unable to really give or really receive affection. When it’s thrown their way, they shy away or attempt to control it. Or set rules. Or refuse to accept it unless it’s received from cleared, chosen sources.
Why waste your time caring about people too self-absorbed or too dysfunctional to care back?
My mind tells me it’s a waste of time.
My heart tells me that God does just the same. Cares about us even when we turn away. Even when we ignore Him. Even when we don’t make any time at all to be with him.
But maybe for God, it hurts less.

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