OHAI, I am still a noob

I’m lucky that my colleagues are pleasant and nice to me.

Secretly I wonder if it’s because they’re so used to being nice to me when I was the She Editor from Hell. Not that I’m complaining, no no no.

You see, yesterday I made a mistake normally done by entry-level, wet behind the ears, fresh recruits.

I sent out pictures to the press. Minus captions. Colleague had to login to my PC and resend the captions while apologising to media for clogging their inboxes.

Now, in most agencies, newbies who made the same mistake would be grilled on high and roasted till it’s seared into their skulls never to make mistakes of that silly-tude again.

Well, I happened to have skipped a few levels so certain things that new PR people are made to do over and over again are new to me.

PR isn’t as glamorous as SATC’s Samantha Jones makes it out to be. Oh no. There’s reporting, slogging through event planning, ponderous meetings and routine things that must be done like faxing and emails.

Some things I’ve gotten very used to – like yakking to journalists. Even pitching editors doesn’t faze me much anymore because hey, if one does yell at me, I’d probably just take it as karmic payback.

Certain things though still mystify me. Key messages? Talking points? Briefing books? PR plans? Those are pretty much the tools of the PR arsenal that I never had to think about as a journalist. Not that I gave PR people much of a headache at interviews. I’m a ‘soft’ interviewer. Tech reporting is really about how things work, what they’ll do, who they’ll help. Throw the numbers at the business sharks. Tech journalists will run from terms like “add value” and “verticals” like cats from water.

It’s still rather touching that quite a few friends keep checking in on me. You know, just to make sure I’m sane and not a blubbering mess.

David Lian, of course, does his best to scare me. “This is only the beginning you know!” “See how hard XX works us!” “Wait until it really gets busy!” Yeah, yeah. I survived a bus accident. Hard work is a walk in the park in comparison. Still here, still getting into my stride and thankfully I’ve got good people running with me.

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