Cryptic messages or an excuse to pimp Boyce Avenue

My new obsession: Boyce Avenue and their stripped down cover versions. Favourite so far is this slow keyboard version of Ne-Yo’s Because of You.

This version takes the crassness of the original and turns the song into a bittersweet song about lust and obsession.

I got a problem and I don’t know what to do about it
Even if I did I don’t know if I would quit but I doubt it
I’m taken by the thought of it
And I know this much is true
Baby, you have become my addiction
I’m so strung out on you I can barely move
But I like it and it’s all because of you

The problem with being addicted to emotional stimuli is that you get so wrapped up in the whole notion of feeling, feeling something is better than nothing.

Emotional high junkies.

When do you go to rehab and how do you call cold turkey?

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