Reboot, refresh, rethink

One thing I like about hosting my own website – poof! I can make all my entries disappear. Yes, I now have a spanking new layout again: a slightly modified version of Jim Ramsey’s Mid-Century theme.

IMG_1732  I’ve unpublished my posts of the last few months. There’s just something I feel missing. In January, things were great, I felt (mostly) fine but by February the highs were replaced by physical and emotional lows. Now, March is coming and I’m taking a step back to reassess where I am now.

Is this where I want to be? Is this who I want to be? Am I taking the easier route instead of pushing for what I really want?

And what the heck do I want, anyway?

I’ve had to take a long, hard look at what I’m truly passionate about. And I think I can say that as far as my vocation goes, at heart I’m always going to be a writer. A wordsmith, as Irene puts it. I have many interests – theatre, music, technology – but what I do best is write.

Does this mean I want to go back to the world of journalism? No. But perhaps I would like to teach the world to write better. Because right now, I see tripe front, left and centre. I see it in the news, in emails, in press releases…but blogs, well, you have to live with crap blog writing. But it sure made it easy to point and laugh at a writer I knew who blogged in SMS-speak. Like how is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you sound like this on your blog:  “I thot dat my article wuz gud and didn’t nid edting even if dere wuz a 30 wurd sentence wid 7 semicolons and 5 clauses.”

I remember being a young wannabe writer and having to endure the more ‘senior’ ones bemoaning how ‘green’ the newer ones were. If I was half as snarky then as I am now, I would have said “I don’t see you doing anything about it!”

Maybe it’s time I did do something about it.

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