Sometimes to see, you must go blind

I am sitting here typing on my tiny Eee PC because my desktop PC’s hard disk has died on me. So has, unfortunately, my newly-installed Streamyx line.

And to think people keep exhorting me to get Streamyx when I know, and they know, it patently sucks. To top it all off, my left eye is red, swollen and so sensitive, I’ve resorted to keeping it closed. Yes, my computer, my DSL and my left eye all don’t work for me right now.

It’s forced me to think about a lot of things – the unhealthy amount of time I spend at my computer. Yes, I have a job that requires me to be at my home PC but I don’t have to be too sedentary. I’m getting chest pains and I think my muscles have begun to atrophy. I’ve cut down on all my other projects outside of HMMW. Not without some regret, I admit.Why have any projects at all, some ask. Because to have no life outside work – it’s sad. Your job should never own you. “But it puts money on the table!” Wrong. I believe God does.

But so I don’t feel like I’m going out of my mind, I’m plonking out tunes on my keyboard. It is strangely satisfying. You can’t think of anything else – not my job, not the show, not even my darn rabbits – when trying to get my fingers to collaborate. The other beauty of it is I can’t think too hard. The harder I force it, the more I strain, the more likely I’ll flub the tune.

So I need to work on my work/life balance. Pray more. Discipline myself to do my Pilates/Ashtanga and not let my muscles atrophy. Get on that damn bicycle.Sing because I miss it, because I need it.

And now my body demands (despite forcing me to sleep the entire morning) I continue to pay back all the sleep debt I owe. Good night.

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