That old burning feeling

I sense a flu or high fever coming on.

I blame the damnable weather. Came home today from a morning-long gathering, after stopping at Kinokuniya for a bit. Slept from 3.30 to 8.30 and woke up feeling not refreshed, but worse. I suppose it came from lack of sleep, a terminably hot morning and afternoon followed by cold, cold rain in the evening.

But I did take a little time to muck with the 4-octave Yamaha synth my brother brought over. It’s a fun little thing, an ancient PSS-470. Not the best thing to be learning on, due to its smaller keys, but I’ll probably upgrade down the road once I can afford it. It’ll mean relearning finger placement once I get full-sized keys but right now am taking time to learn note positions and beef up my music learning. I can read the treble clef passably; the bass clef eludes me right now.

So when I do get a full-sized keyboard, at least it’ll be more a matter of getting used to the large keys, relearning finger positions and functions. I don’t intend to be a full-fledged pianist. Music-wise, I’m a singer first, a lousy guitarist second but hopefully a passable keyboardist in…two years? I’m a slow learner at anything needing hand-eye co-ordination.

Which makes my getting a bicycle seem idiotic. Why didn’t I use the money and get a decent keyboard instead? Because I already have a guitar. Because I need the exercise. It’s cheaper than a gym membership. And it’s getting less safe for me to walk around to the places I usually do, like the 7-11, the mamak, my laundromat. Getting a car right now isn’t really an option because who knows when I’ll get my darn license. I’m just very leery about committing to a car when three people I know got into rather nasty car accidents already this year and it’s just March now!

I despise cars, I’ll be frank here. I think too many people own them, but too few drive them well. Malaysians don’t think about the costs to the environment every time they drive. Look at global warming, for pete’s sake, how the weather is screwy and wildlife is suffering. Look at the traffic jams, the motorists dying in perfectly preventable accidents (like, not driving like an idiot). But in Malaysia, I’m seen as a fool for choosing consciously not to drive.

Why should I support a car industry that thrives on selling overpriced, poorly made cars?
Why should I add another vehicle to the already congested roads?
Why should I be another person using fossil fuels and contributing to the environment’s deterioration?

I’m going to learn to drive but I’m going to try and figure out a way to still survive without a car. A moped? Cycling? Combining either with trains?

Gandhi said that we must be the change we want to see in the world. I want to see less damn cars. Less idiots. Safer roads. Let’s see if I hold to that resolution.

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