A day of change and regrets


My bunny Bun died today. He’d been lying on his side yesterday, which is how some bunnies sleep but it’s unusual for him so I went over to check. As soon as I came near the cage, Bun leapt up as per usual and waited at the cage door for me.

How was I to know Bun really was ill? Rabbits can be hard to gauge sometimes and my last rabbit was low maintenance and hardy. I’m heartbroken and I wish I played more with him, or at least finished chicken-wiring the fence to give him room to play in the yard, instead of keeping him in the cage more often than not. I’m so sorry, Bun Bun.

Pie, the other rabbit, seems to be all right, but I know he’ll be lonely. Will likely get him a new playmate by the weekend so he’ll have company. Pie just doesn’t seem to be very human-trained – hates being picked up or touched, though he’ll nuzzle at me if he thinks I have treats for him.

My Internet in the day was stressfully horrible as usual and by late afternoon, I decided to try and get some work done in Starbucks instead. Then on the way there, I was accosted by this random Chinese dude who asked if I was Indonesian, of all things. Then he tried getting my name to which my answer was to promptly walk off, and as I walked he called “AH MOIIIIIII!!!” Seriously, my life is a frikkin’ sitcom.

And a storm just seemed to be brewing near the LRT so I hopped to the station as fast as I could. By the time I got to Amcorp, the sun was shining fiercely and my stomach was rumbling with as much energy. Guess who forgot to eat again? While having tomyam at Rak Thai, I checked up on the progress of a certain weekend pullout pitch on Gmail, listened to a sob story from a friend whose plans for the month kinda went up in smoke, and by 6 I declared myself too drained to just look at a computer anymore.

So to feel better, I decided to do something I’d been putting off for ages – get my hair rebonded. I don’t like the idea of spending a ton on my hair…but I do it anyway, because a girl’s gotta look good, yada yada pancakes. The hairdresser asked if I wanted it stick straight or more ‘natural’. I opted for the latter because, really, who are you fooling when your hair looks like a steamroller ran over it?

Two hours and damaged ends trimmed later, my hair looks like this:


It is now soft and shiny, and, well, straighter. Why bother? It means 6-8 months of taking less than 10 minutes to fix my hair, ZOMG. Wakeup, see if it needs combing (likely not), then out the door I go. Low maintenance! Except of course I have to drown it in conditioner, which I do with my hair anyway. It still has a little bit of a curve still locked in thanks to my hair being incredibly thick and wavy in the first place.

I miss my curls but I had no time to make them look fab with a curling iron/blow dryer. I gave away my blow dryer, even, because I never used it. The last guy I dated was all for my straightening my hair but then his hair was longish and straight, so I suppose he was biased. So hello low-maintenance hair! What will kill me for the next 3 days is to try and not wash it. Le ARRGH.

Am on leave tomorrow to sort out the Episode Where Erna Still Hasn’t Got Her License. Somehow my L Learner’s license got burned to A PULPY PILE OF GOO in the laminating machine. I feel so special. The machine must have combusted on seeing my GODAWFUL L license picture.

Strangely I do not feel thrilled at having very-nearly shampoo commercial hair. I miss my bunneh. 🙁

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