I have nothing to give you, my friends, but this

It makes me wonder, sometimes, why God blesses me with such beautiful people as friends. I give thanks for you everyday. And I’m at a loss sometimes because I have so little to give to the people who matter most to me.

Right here, right now, I will confess I have little materially. There’s enough (thanks to God’s grace) in my bank account to get me by but precious little besides.

I don’t have a car (right now), I rent a dinky house because it’s near the train and is walking distance to the train. I don’t intend to get my own place until I turn 35. After my parents lost the house when I was little, I have a phobia of mortgages so I’m not going to commit to one until my bank account is sufficiently padded. Not there yet, obviously. Right now, I’m content to get by simply though I confess I do get occasional fits of shopping madness which drives my friend, K, to despair.

So if I call you friend, I commit to this:

  1. My phone is never turned off so if you need me, really need me, you can call, text, whenever. My ear will be yours until it stops working. And even then, I’ll get a hearing aid.
  2. I will never tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.
  3. I will keep your secrets. What secrets? You told me nothing, nothing.
  4. I will still be in your corner, even if my other friends dislike you. I love you all but I reserve the right NOT to take sides.
  5. I will not ‘steal’ your significant other. Your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is safe from me, I promise.
  6. Just because I may seem distant or aloof, know that I care. And that I will never pretend to care if I don’t.
  7. That to the best of my ability, I will believe the best of you and not let what strangers say colour my judgement of you.
  8. That I will accept you, just as you are, failings, imperfections, whatever. I might judge your actions, but not you. For a good man might do a bad thing, and vice versa.

In essence, my friends, I have nothing to give but myself. Unembellished, unvarnished, but real. And I will take you that way too.

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