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As a lot of you know, I am terrified of cars. And driving.

So I thought why not get a moped instead and a motorcycle license?

Now that seemed a practical, economical solution. Of course, I do intend to get a car license this year – still waiting for JPJ to process my L license which should arrive next week. So at least I can be designated driver for my long-suffering friends like Suan.

Problem is, I’ve never even learned to ride a bicycle properly. I have been on a bicycle for no longer than 10 minutes. My excuse? Certain areas of my lower anatomy hurt like hell.

My initial idea to get a moped was vetoed by my long-suffering friend, K. “NO, Mahyuni, NO!” I feel blessed to have friends who such concern for my physical well-being. So I dropped by KSH Bicycle which is 10 minutes drive from my house and a short brisk walk from the Taman Bahagia LRT and left with a Merida Juliet 40-V. They gave me a great price for the bike and I got a helmet, bag rack, bag, bottle carrier, water bottle, lock, front and gear lights at a nice discount. The helmet would have been much cheaper if my head wasn’t bigger than most women’s. Yes, insert ego jokes here. If you do go there, say Hi to Zul for me. He’s a really fun guy who helped me with bicycle features and recommendations. Even got a cheaper, better bag than the one I was eyeing for my bike. He’s the man! KSH makes buying bicycles easy – just tell them your budget and they’ll help you to factor in everything else you’ll need for your purchase. Oh, and also warm appreciation to Bobby who transported me and my bike home.

Do I honestly intend to do a lot of commuting with a bicycle? Well, this guy thinks it’s possible. I’d originally wanted to get a foldable bike to carry on trains with me but looking at how comfortable they would be (meaning not at all)…I passed and decided on just getting a regular MTB instead. Foldable bikes like the ones Dahon make are affordable but what if I needed to take longer distances? They’re practical in tiny Singapore where it’s only a 5-6 minute bike ride from one place to another, but I am also choosing a bicycle over getting a gym membership. I already have dumbbells at home, and practise some yoga and Pilates – cycling would be the ideal aerobic complement to my fitness routine. So 30 minutes on a bicycle that would feel like hell to ride just won’t make sense.

I remember in secondary school I would ride pillon on my friends’ bicycles. They would pedal and I would happily sit in front while they did all the work. Being barely around 45kg at the time, it wasn’t much effort on their part thankfully.

So I suppose I’ll probably have to start my own little column here about my cycling adventures. In between producing a play, co-writing another play, and being PR for The Engine and The Very Safe Cars. Hoo, boy.

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