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Today was one of those days that felt like an extended ping-pong game. Back and forth, and back and forth.

I suppose I must have been a dictator in a past life, because it’s still taking some getting used to when it comes to team discussions. The Agency likes erring on the side of caution – we discuss all things before they’re sent out, even minor edits or emails. It’s a big change from my editor days where if I spent all my time waiting for a consensus, the magazine wouldn’t go out at all.

Of course, I happened to have to occasionally deal with people who were contrary just because they could be. Which was seriously infuriating to the point I usually just put a very heavy foot down and declared “Because I said so.”

With my new job, I have to be a whole lot more patient and worry less about promptness than about attention to detail. The latter’s never been a strong suit, I admit. Yes, I can be a perfectionist but I’m a big picture person. Which means tasks like the daily media monitoring can seem like a bothersome chore – don’t get me started on the weekly reporting. And that’s just for The Engine; I’m not doing much for The Carmaker, more holding the fort than anything else.

It’s a good thing I’m working from home, because if I feel tense, worked up or just plain exasperated, I can take a shower, yell at the top of my lungs or play music as loud as I want to. When I was still with The Mag, things could easily get nasty within our small pressure cooker of an office. Mixing deadline pressures and volatile personalities together, blowups are just pretty much a given.

So I guess I really am lucky; despite the job requirement to be personable and mix with people, my introverted nature still gets a reprieve. Today was a day I felt really overwhelmed, but both my colleagues were patient with my impetuousness and inexperience. And it made my decision not to work anywhere I had friends the right one – I learned the hard way that the fastest way to lose a friend is to either work at the same place or move in with one.

I’m still dealing with my fear of cold calling folks and tomorrow will be an uncomfortable day of calling people up to ask about the latest pitch. But I’ll get used to it eventually. I hope.

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