A time to disconnect

Even during my supposed ‘break’, I found myself unable to take a holiday from the Internet. It’s like I’m on autopilot. The first thing I do is wake up, crawl to my computer, check my email, login to Facebook and that’s the beginning of my day.

ThatPerfil’s not how it should be. I love my PC, putting it together by myself and all, but I need to set boundaries and not make it an extension of my body. It doesn’t help that I’m chronically addicted to surfing the Internet and checking my email on my phone.

Since I can’t ‘disconnect’ on workdays (Mon-Fri), I’ll give myself this much leeway. On Sundays, everything is off. No blogging, no IMs, no emails. My mobile phone will still be on, but it’s for texts and calls only. I will pretend I don’t have a data plan and will not bother emailing or Web surfing. No Facebook either.

Because I need to unplug; I need to give over at least one day where I will not be enslaved to technology. So I will remember who and what really matters. And I pray that He helps me remember what that is.

Image by Daniel Zanini H. via Flickr

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