I need a break

Am I burnt out from the new job already?

No. I need a break from relationships.

I’m single. I’ve been single for 2 weeks. Not the longest I’ve been single, but it still takes some getting used to. Coming out of a 4 year relationship, straight into seeing someone for an alternately enchanting/soul-destroying month was not wise on hindsight.

As The Fool said to Fitz, when it comes to matters of the heart: “I have never been wise.”

And most of my friends agree that right now, the last thing I need is a man. Because all the ones I’ve been getting have added drama to my life, cracks to my heart and more tears than my cup should hold.

“You need a break.” Yes, my friends, I guess I do.

I’ve got a great job, which I’m getting used to, and am still excited about.

I’m in the midst of getting my driving license – the experience is definitely going to be fodder for plenty of blog posts.

There’s so much other stuff I want to do like learn a new language, get more than basically proficient on the guitar, lose the 5kg I have left to lose, cook more, read my unread books, climb Kinabalu…never-ending, really.

At least I found time to make a new header for my blog, get my work table sorted, and did something about the mini-jungle that is my lawn. Tomorrow will be spending an interesting day in KLPAC, despite my utter dislike for its location. But the place is beautiful, and spacious, and if it was more accessible I’d love to spend a whole day there doing absolutely nothing.

But the main reason I’ll be there is that the people I love will be. That’s the best reason to be anywhere, I think.

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