Timesheets – so I’ll be accountable. To me.

I know plenty of programmers, PR people and other people who have ‘billable hours’ hate timesheets.

So why am I making myself start on timesheets? Especially when I haven’t been asked to?

Well, it’s so I know what I’ve been doing and to keep me accountable. It’s too easy to be distracted by all the online temptations I’ve been used to while I was working. My last job, I needed those distractions. You do not churn out articles by staring at the screen until your forehead drips blood. Writing is a somewhat subconscious activity. You take the germ of an idea, let it ruminate in your head, check out sources, sniff out leads and let it stew before you finally take it all and put it on paper.

That’s the time you tell reception to screen/block all calls, you drink enough coffee to make the entire office reek and nothing registers at all when people talk to you. “Erna, what do you think about the new Brand X All Singing Notebook?” “Mmmhmm Waah Ah Mumblemumblegoawaymumble”.

PR is a different sort of thing. Instead you start a thunderstorm in your head and just start catching the ideas that spark. Then you try and rearrange them to make some sort of sense.

So there are things I can’t do anymore. Like hang out on Facebook practically all day. Or blog anytime I want to.

It’s all about focus, discipline and completion. Now I’ve got to stop blogging because I have a few possible pitches to ruminate about over coffee. Mummble mhmmhcoffeegaaahmmmmh yes.

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