Making room by letting go


What a lot of us don’t learn is, that to make room for some things, you have to let other things go. For the harder you hold on to the old, it becomes nearly impossible for the new to come in.

Part of embracing my new path in life means letting go of things that could prove to be a conflict of interest – like my contributing to Blorge. I’ve officially resigned as a senior writer with the site and it makes me sad, really. Yes, I’ve had difficulties trying to get with the flow of the site and juggling my hours around getting my posts done, but I did learn a lot and will miss the odd camaraderie going on there. And with all my heart I do wish them the very best.

Plus it would be difficult to report on anything. “No, I can’t blog about X! I do PR for them! No, not Y either. They’re X’s competitors!” Let’s just say that one of my clients is such a force that a reverend I know jokingly calls it the Almighty. Though David Lian does blog about his clients, but with full disclosure and stressing that his words are merely personal opinion, I again must err on the side of caution. Though I made passing reference to my past employer as The Mag, I’ll likely never refer to my (new) clients in any form or any way.

I’m on sketchy ground, after all. Wet behind the ears or in gamerspeak – a total n00b. It’s not quite easy shaking off my journalist/editor skin to embrace the persona of a Public Relations person. Where before I’d be more of a risk-taker, this year I’m going to spend more time reflecting before I do things. No, I’m not suddenly going to become indecisive. Just less impetuous.

And today I stumbled upon a video by one of my favourite YouTube artists called the Mario Kart Love Song. It’s the cutest thing ever and would definitely strike a chord with any Mario Kart lover. It made me a little wistful because it reminded me of the last guy I broke up with, such a gamer him. But like he’s said before, it all works out for the best in the end. All the messy complications would be the last thing I need this month as I try to reorganise and realign myself this year. So you did me a favour, baby. Though part of me will still miss the crazy fun we had for a long, long time, I’ll be OK and hopefully we’ll be OK.

You be my princess
I’ll be your toad
I’ll follow behind you
on rainbow road
Protect you from red shells
wherever we go
I promise.
No one will touch us
if we pick up a star
If you spin out
you can ride in my car
When we slide together
we generate sparks
in our wheels and our hearts
The finish line
is just around the bend
I’ll pause this game
so our love will never end
Let’s go again
The blue shell is coming
so I’ll go ahead
If you hang behind
it’ll hit me instead
but never look back
cause I’m down but not dead
I’ll catch up to you
Don’t worry about
Bowser or DK
Eat this glowing mushroom
and they’ll all fade away
to the mushroom cup
and the flower cup
and the star cup
and the reverse cup
Music and Lyrics by Sam Hart

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