Find the time to plan, else plan to fail

06012009779Some think that working from home, far from the structured monotony of the workplace, must be the ultimate luxury.

Flexibility is great, but ultimately I feel a need to have some sort of framework there. I like structure, I crave some sort of daily routine. The difference is that the structure is one I build myself, where I have say about my best times of day and the order I want to do things.

I’m not a morning person, nor am I the type who thinks coherently at 2-3am in the morning. Mornings are for routine tasks, but for mentally gruelling tasks I usually write best or strategise best after the mid-afternoon slump. Siesta time is called that for a reason – hardly anyone’s functional during that lunch period where all your body rightly wants to do is nap.

Most of my work will be done at my computer or desk; so it made sense to replace my current one with another one in the house which was larger. It houses my modem, monitor, business card holder, speakers, appointment diaries and phone holder. It’s my communication hub, where I do my work as well as where I can be reached. When I get too caught up in things, clutter can abound – my room can end up looking like a hurricane went through it! But as soon as I’m free, I frenziedly organise things the way I like it because I need the comfort of knowing where everything is, and that it’s where I need it to be.

Right now I’m finding my Nokia N82 a great organisational tool, what with being able to sync my contacts and events to my Ovi calendar in a heartbeat. But because I believe in backups, I also carry a Moleskine planner and on my table is the very affordable and very nice Starbucks leather journal. I learned the hard way that just relying on electronics is never a good idea. Save those vital contacts both virtually and on paper, that way you’re always covered!

I’m spending as much time as I can afford to the business of being organised. Once things really get cracking, I know I’ll be struggling to find time for all my side interests (blogging, singing/performing, creative writing). But I hope with all my heart that I never forget to orient my moral compass; that I remember that in the end nothing matters as much as doing it all for the One who matters most.

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