Starting Over

guitarproNo, gremlins have not eaten my past posts on this blog. But due to my new job, I’m erring on the side of caution and shelving (not deleting) my personal posts.

I’ve finally taken a big leap of faith and joined the Dark Side – Public Relations.

Honestly, I loved tech journalism and being the editor of a tech magazine seemed the culmination of all my dreams come true. Now, here is where I tell you that yes, do be careful what you wish for. Ultimately I had to concede that though writing and advocacy are my true vocations, the environment I was in just wasn’t the right fit.

My new job is with a smallish, boutique agency that suits me just fine. Big agencies never appealed to me – so many accounts, so little personal attention. And I’m still a newcomer to the field so I’d rather learn from people who have the time and expertise to show me the ropes. I’m blessed that the people I work with have their priorities straight. To them, work is important but in the end, God and family comes first and that’s something I wish I had at previous workplaces. Too many employers expect their hires to surrender their souls, personal time and health in exchange for a regular paycheque. Been there, done that, not recommending it.

George Monbiot gives a better explanation about why you should never exchange your dreams or goals for a paycheque in his article Choose Life. It’s pretty much been the code I work by.

After years of work experience, I’ve conceded that my work style and personality are very much to MBTI-type. Testing’s shown I’m an INFJ which is actually a very good fit for PR.

“INFJs have a good sense of social rules and norms. They hate feeling out of control in all situations and have very high expectations for themselves and the others around them. They are generally very fluent writers and usually do well in public relations and counselling. A great strength of the INFJ is their dedication and sensitivity to others’ feelings. A great weakness is their tendency to see many tangents and problems where none actually exist. Famous INFJs include Bob Dylan, Billy Crystal, and Martin Luther King Jr.”

So Earnestly Speaking will now chronicle my learning experience as I make the transition from journalism to PR. It’s definitely going to be an interesting ride, and hopefully will prove to be so for my readers as well.

Happy New Year to you all, and here’s to a rockin’ 2009.

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