I want the best for you

Now that my foray into music is going past just picking up the guitar every 6 months, I’m trying my hand at songwriting.

A few days ago, the semblance of a melody popped into my head and these words:

I want you to be happy

I want you to be free

I want you to love someone

We both know it can’t be me

It’s been the quiet, sincerest prayer I’ve had in my heart the last few months for one of my dearest friends, one with whom I’ve had a friendship that’s been unusual in its tempestuousness. So when that prayer was answered recently, I was overjoyed.

There is no resentment. No wistfulness. No angsty, painful memories.

Just hope that there will be light after a long time of darkness.

Love after a long period of loneliness.

People used to believe that we were together, or that we could be.

I knew that there was just a wrongness about it; that we were meant for many things but not each other.

The gist of the song (once it’s finished) will be about how love is ultimately freeing, not confining. That if you want to ‘own’ someone, it’s not love.

I hope he gets it now, all those times I’ve told him “Just because I say I love you doesn’t mean I want your babies!”

Like I’ve said many, many times – I’ll always love you, monkey. And I’m really, really happy for you.

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