Tis the season for camwhoring

Well, today was supposed to be another Saturday of intense social activity.
In the morning, I dashed off bright and early to The Curve for a Bazaar Shopping Blitz courtesy of MySimplifieds.com. Ah, the joy and privileges of beta testing.
The MySimplifieds.com crew thought it would be hilarious to give us each RM200…in RM1 bills. Har de har. So before heading to the Curve, I took out the N82 for a handy makeup check so I’d know I wouldn’t be going out with cakey makeup or panda eyes.
Yes, the N82 as an enabler for my vanity. But seriously, taking a picture of how my makeup looks is far more accurate than my mirror, which isn’t near a good natural light source.
I got there a wee bit early, but Beatrice was great company. After we were briefed and doled out cash, it was a matter of visiting the many stalls around Cineleisure/The Curve and spotting what I liked.
Took a bit longer than I anticipated, due to stalls opening late and I only found ones I really liked just outside Borders.
MySimplifieds.com was also running promotions for the site, as well as the contest. The promoters they hired were really fun, outgoing and enthusiastic. Even being patient with my requests to take inane pictures of props. Such good sports!
A pity the crowd was lukewarm, but the kids persevered nonetheless. Also got a preview of DiGi’s 3G wireless services which look pretty good at the moment though we’ll see how that changes once it’s rolled out nation-wide.
Yes, here I am in my favourite Bossini t-shirt and showing off my RM200 in RM1 bills. I got to feel like a pimp for all of…10 seconds?
Bought my colleague a gift for the Secret Santa event end of the month, added another 2 dresses to my wardrobe, a new little carry bag and a handmade bracelet so cute I couldn’t resist.
KY, Ringo, Wilson and quite a few other bloggers were there as well. KY was so sweet, passed me a McDonald’s banana pie so I wouldn’t go hungry. Maybe I’ll try and cook this time for his Annual Christmas Eve Party of Awesomeness. Probably will do my chilli con carne which is, if I do say so myself, pretty decent.
I even met the awesome Lyn and Anushia who were on their way to a karaoke party.
13122008639Lyn is like the most hardcore Boyzone fan I’ve ever met, and despite all ready having a friend getting an Australian version of their latest album, she still got her own Malaysian edition.
There were downsides to the day…like getting a cab from The Curve can be a nightmare because you get idiots like this wanker trying to charge me RM20 when I paid just RM7 to get to Cineleisure from my house. HWC 3101 – you are a bloodsucking parasitic embarrassment. But I know you’ll eventually roll over into a ditch someday so I won’t be vengeful.
Managed to get a cooler cab driver who was courteous and nice – though I usually pretty much always round up my fares because I know how hard it is trying to make a living driving cabs. The competition, the jams, the kiasu Malaysians…all those things make eking a living tough. So I don’t usually knock our cabbies…except when they stiff white folks just because they can. Sigh.13122008640Then my plans to hang out with my friend KT at Sg Wang got derailed because he couldn’t get a bus, and also got enlisted into playing bodyguard to his future mother-in-law. So I hopped it home, thinking I’d take a nice quick nap before I went to see the fun Faiz Rosli sing at BB Plaza.
But no, it rained cats, dogs and antelope until 4.30pm – leaving me no time to get to KL as the show was supposed to start at 5pm. Times like these I almost wished I drove. Almost.
Will probably have a bit of a lie-in tomorrow afternoon once practise for this season’s upcoming performances are done. Still struggling with my solos, what with my vocal cords being damaged by crying myself hoarse all those weeks ago. Never had that happen to me before…I find myself having a bad rasp and rattle in my lower/middle range. But with faith, I will persevere and give thanks that my fellow singers are fun and tolerant.
It’s the season of joy and I’m determined to find mine by walking with my Father in heaven, and the one on earth.

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