For I forgive you everything

I remember when this season was one of pain.

I remember betrayal, rejection and anger.

I remember tears.

I remember how it hurt to have someone so close, and yet so far.

But the seasons must pass.

Some things do endure, both good and bad.

Take the good and know there will come a time when you will no longer grieve.

I don’t crumble a little anymore every time I hear your name.

I don’t feel a pang when I see your pictures with our mutual friends.

I still keep that little space in my heart where you will always live. As far as my heart’s concerned, you never left.

And in that space, you are always welcome. You are always perfect.

You are always loved.

So be well, my friend, for with every step I try to walk away from you, I always take two to run all the way back.

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