Congrats, Text 100 and Nokia Insider!

Last night was the Malaysian PR Awards and the Nokia Insider:Engaging Malaysian Bloggers won Technology Campaign of the Year. Congratulations, Text 100!

I’m stoked about the win because TBH, the campaign set the standard for engaging bloggers. It’s created visibility for the bloggers involved while generating a huge amount of buzz for Nokia locally.

They asked me to hand in a testimony to recommend the campaign and mine was rather brief, yet said everything I wanted to say about the campaign. Am reproducing it here:

“Nokia pretty much sets the bar for blogger relations programs. It’s
demonstrated an understanding of new media and how it operates. By
soliciting opinions and creating opportunities for bloggers to try out
Nokia products without overt pressure or manipulation, it’s a win-win
situation for both. Bloggers are exposed to new tech, Nokia gets
valuable feedback as well as a firm foothold in bloggers’

What makes the program work is the clear communication between Nokia,
its PR agency and bloggers. Nokia’s proven open to feedback and is
quick to respond to blogger concerns and questions. It’s great getting
to play with new devices, but the more exciting bit is being kept
up-to-speed with mobile innovation. New Media is still discovering its
boundaries and Nokia’s proven to be a company that’s just as excited
about pushing the limits.”

I think that sums up (for me) just why the campaign deserves an award.

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