A most surprising turn of events

If November was a month of shock and drama, then December is turning into a month of surprises. I find myself at the start of a new path, feeling somewhat awed at what lies ahead for me. After four years of blood, toil and tears, I’m closing one door and tentatively opening another.

There’s not a lot I can say about where I’m heading, at least not until I get it in black and white. I’ve been getting other opportunities as well and right now the flurry of activity is blowing my mind.

I’m scared, hopeful, incredibly excited. By now I know that writing and tech are pretty much the core of whatever I want to do. Whatever I choose to do, I want to do it with a passion; I want my work to have meaning, to go further than just filling up someone’s coffers.

It’s a desire to have the capacity to give, to make a difference, that has driven me these years. Probably a lot of my inner frustration stems from feeling that I’m nowhere near my lofty ideals of bettering the world.

And nothing quite awes me as much right now as how wonderful the people in my life have been. So many who’ve encouraged me, fought for me, believed in me, been there for me. I think the best lesson I’ve learned over the years is that I don’t have to dwell on the malice, the envy, the hatred and various unkindnesses I see. There always will be room for hope, for faith, for love. I just hope that in some way I can help other people see that too.

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