With a little help from my friends


I usually dread Novembers. I remember spending most of November 2005 mourning my grandmother. It was a month of tears – crying for my grandmother, my problematic relationship, the shock of having my house burgled.

Then November 2006 was when I found out my bestest guy friend was about to make a really big mistake. One that would reverberate all through the year to come.

November 2007 brought drama, tears and running right back into the arms of God. Yeah, after all the hard work God’s put into trying to save my soul, I’d been adrift for years before I just sought His anchor again.

And this November was no different. I was sick (as I always am in November, I don’t know why), grappling with the Cough That Would Not Go Away, dealt with angst-ridden boyfriend who is now Man I Love But Am Not With Because He Needs To Sort His Fucking Life Out before he can really be with me. Then a horrific family emergency that had me flying home, simultaneously mending rifts with family and bestest guy friend.

I met someone. He makes me laugh. I’m hoping this one will always be a friend no matter what happens. Sometimes you need a little joy in your life and if it comes in the guise of a Really Bad Idea, well, hey. For a Bad Idea, he’s one heck of a good friend. Just for that, I’m more grateful than I’ll ever be able to say.

Am thankful that my family and friends have shown me how much love there is in my life. That I never have to go far for a hug. That the Big Guy up there makes a point to remind me that the rain does stop, the clouds do pass and when I least expect it, there’ll always be someone around the corner with an umbrella.

I love everybody.

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