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So I’m coming clean here and disclosing that I’ve been a Symbian S60 ambassador for the past month or so. A post of mine made ‘Post of the Week’ for the Symbian Files campaign so I might as well out myself early.

Symbian? Of all the things I want to champion, why this? I could go for Google’s flavour of the month Android, join the mindless iPhone hordes or attempt to resurrect Windows Mobile.

My favourite OS for the phone has always been Palm’s. I love Treos and spurn RIM’s service locked-in CrackBerries. But after reviewing countless phone models and thinking about what I want and need in a phone, I want Symbian to succeed.

Windows Mobile phones, IMHO, are pieces of expensive hardware struggling to run a bloated OS with poor boot times and expensive third-party apps. I loved how there were so many free Palm apps while for WM, you pay for everything. Call me cheap then, but I want my high quality freebies!

With Symbian eventually releasing the code (under restrictions, of course, not quite GPL here), it’ll make it easy for manufacturers and hobbyists alike to start making apps for the platform.

Am also heartened that mobile phone heavyweight Nokia is willing to invest the resources it has for Symbian and the Symbian Foundation. I like what I’ve seen of the upcoming new version on the Nokia Music Xpress 5800 and with a bit more polish, I foresee a great future for handsets running the new version of the OS.

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