Of Diorshow mascaras and ads

So I had a nice lunch with one of my favourite PR people, something I do often so I can understand the state of the game. The game is PR and media interaction – something I enjoy more than not.

There are many public relations outfits in Malaysia, and I make a point to try and spend time with reps who understand what PR means. It’s not about kissing my boots or cringing when I yell at them for asking me if I’ve received their faxes. It’s about them understanding what message their clients are trying to put across and helping me understand or at the very least, interpret them correctly.

I tagged along to a Christian Dior function. Rarely do I get invites to non-tech events and it was fun celebrity watching at the Diorshow Iconic Mascara launch. Ning Baizura was there as well as past and current beauty queens while the super chirpy Marion Caunter played emcee. And there were Nuffnangers galore!

Dior claims its Diorshow Iconic mascara is so much the bomb that you don’t need a separate lash curler to get longer, lush lashes. To test that out, I took these before and after pictures for your benefit.

Before: No makeup, just my droopy panda eyes.

nomas Scary, hor?

After: Concealer, powder, liner and heaps of Diorshow Iconic Mascara.

dior Even Paris commented on the stunning difference you could see after a few swipes of the Dior mascara.

My personal take? Well, I think it works a treat for those with shorter lashes that are stubborn about curling. You want volume and length? The Diorshow Iconic delivers. But I wasn’t crazy about how the mascara actually felt on my lashes because I prefer the lighter feel of my L’oreal Telescopic mascara. I already have long thick lashes but my eyes water easily, so I need something that doesn’t clump much, separates my lashes without my needing to resort to an eyelash comb and yet highlighted my big panda peepers.

clean More natural, certainly not as dramatic as Diorshow. But I like, so there.

In other news, am experimenting with ads on the site. I doubt I’ll earn much but hey, every little bit helps. Recessions yada yada pancake. But no, there will be no pop-ups, pop-unders or my endorsing anything I don’t personally think rocks my socks. Here’s to my finally giving in and joining the monetising bandwagon. Sigh.

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