Beer and betas

It’s a brave new world where the Web is concerned, and where PR and tech converge, new approaches inevitably come to fruition.

I’m in on a new beta testing program. Am not the only one – seems rather exciting, the whole concept and hopefully I’ll have more to write about soon.

But right now I’m tipsy and I have a writein to organise for tomorrow’s NaNoWriMo meet. Am also a little sad because for the first time in four years of being Malaysia’s Municipal Liaison, I’ve encountered trolls.

There’s this one angry teenager hellbent on using the forum to attack a ‘famous’ blogger. Take your hate elsewhere, kiddo. The NaNoWriMo forums isn’t your place to insult others.

Then there’s this user who is trying too hard to correct me, second-guess me, question everything and basically backhandedly insult me at every turn. I’m doing my best, and the people who matter know that.

But I still can’t help feeling a little down that this user is just so keen on cutting me down, questioning what I do, and worse – defending the forum troll, calling it free speech.

If I was hosting the TGIO party and one Wrimo went to another and spit in her face, I would step in and break it up. And censure the spitter as well. It’s my job, after all. I wish they would all get that.

What’s the point, really, of being ML and donating my time and energy for the cause, just to put up with users like these?

Perhaps it’s because I believe in NaNo. And I owe it so much.

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